Seller Terms & Conditions

By using the Hobby and Handmade Store website platform ( and all sub domains you are agreeing to be bound by the below Terms & Conditions. 


Hobby and Handmade Store 
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Bellringer Road 

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Seller Portal

  1. The seller portal upload should be completed within 7-14 days of portal login information being provided by Hobby and Handmade Store. 
  2. As a seller you are solely liable to keep the password for your seller portal secure. 
  3. As a seller you are responsible for the maintenance of your seller profile and portfolio at all times. 
  4. As a seller you are responsible for the photos and/or videos that you upload to the seller portal and subsequently Hobby and Handmade Store platform. 
  5. Any photograph or video uploaded must comply with the below; 
  6. Show the correct and most up to date image of your product 
  7. Be an accurate description of your product 
  8. Comply with all legislation and regulations relating to your product 
  9. Not breach any copyright laws 
  10. If any photograph or video published on Hobby and Handmade Store does not meet the requirements laid out above then we reserve the right to remove it and action may be taken against your seller profile. 


  1. Sellers are contracted to the site for a 12-month period for which a 100% cancellation fee applies. The 12-month period begins upon upload to the seller’s portal. 
  2. All sellers must be 18 or above to enter in to this legally binding contract to sell their products and services on Hobby and Handmade Store platform. By entering a legally binding contract you agree to pay the fees for a 12 month period for which on sign up there is a 100% cancellation fee in place. 


    1. Hobby and Handmade Store acts as a platform for sellers to sell their products to our customers on our online e-commerce shop. Some products are held only with the individual seller and others are held and sales fulfilled by Hobby and Handmade Store. These are defined in each seller’s page. 
    2. As a seller you are required to dispatch your goods within the advertised timeframe listed on the site. Where agreed with the seller we will offer a fulfilment and drop shipping service to premium vendors. 
    3. All product pricing should include shipping costs. 
    4. The seller will be notified via email of new orders; however, they should also check their seller portal daily for orders outstanding. 
    5. In the event that the goods ordered are not available both the customer and Hobby and Handmade Store must be notified via email. 
    6. As a seller you are solely liable to keep the password for your seller portal secure. 
    7. Under Hobby and Handmade GDPR the names, addresses and other contact details of our customers are not to be used for onward marketing by the seller. 
    8. Hobby and Handmade Store reserve the right to discount products by up to 10% throughout the year. Sellers can opt in/out of promotions which will be communicated to them 7 days before they are advertised. 


      1. Buyers wanting to return goods should be dealt with directly by the seller. Refunds are to be offered by law up to 14 days from date of receipt other than for personalised items which can only be refunded when faulty. 
      2. The seller should inform us once the return transaction has taken place in order for us to refund the commission for the order. 


      1. Hobby and Handmade Store facilitate the payments for the sale of products between seller and customer and subsequently pass on payments minus all appropriate fees on 30th of every month. Sellers will receive a Statement of Account on 26th of every month listing all of your sales and payments, you will need to send Hobby and Handmade an invoice for the amount stated. Payments are made by Direct Debit directly to your account. 
      2. All subscription payments are to be made/set up before the seller’s products are uploaded. 
      3. All sales are processed through a secure online banking and payments system. 


      1. Where appropriate the seller will supply all business insurance, health and safety, food hygiene certificates as well as any other documentation the seller deems important for our customers to understand. Hobby and Handmade Store will not be held responsible for any claims which may arise from customers related to the seller’s products. 
      2. As a seller you are responsible for complying with all English drinking laws. On our platform we will add that all buyers need to be over the age of 18 to enter the site and purchase from our sellers. 
      3. All sellers must comply and read up on relevant UK legislation for their business. This includes but is not limited to the following; 
      4. The Toy Safety Regulations 2007 
      5. The General Product Safety Regulations 2005 (GPSR) 
      6. The Furniture and Furnishings Fire Safety Regulations 2008 
      7. The Hallmark Act 1973 
      8. The Food Hygiene Regulations 

    Sale of Goods

      1. Hobby and Handmade Store does not hold legal responsibility for items listed and sold on the platform and by agreeing to these terms the seller holds full legal responsibility to ensure that their products meet English Law requirements. 
      2. If a product is found to be using or breaching any other parties trademark or copyright the seller is fully responsbile. 
      3. All products listed must comply with the Sales of Goods Act 1979 as well as local and international laws.  
      4. All items listed below must not be sold or distributed through the Hobby and Handmade Store platform; 
      5. All prescription drugs 
      6. Counterfeit items 
      7. All illegal drugs and/or drug paraphernalia and any substances that are designed to replicate illegal drugs 
      8. Any content or material that is infringing or otherwise violates rights of publicity, privacy or proprietary rights that you do not own or have permission to use. 
      9. Stolen property 
      10. Identity documents, government documents, personal financial records, or personal information (in any form, including mailing lists) 
      11. Any form of pornography, adult and/or child 
      12. Explosives, hazardous materials, fireworks and destructive devices 
      13. Any item that is related to the body including body parts and antibodies 
      14. Obscene material 
      15. Pets and/or animals 
      16. Items that have been recalled 
      17. Any software and/or coding 
      18. Any chemicals and/or similar products 
      19. Products or content promoting prohibited medical claims, such as ant-vaccine items 
      20. Private sale of firearms and shotguns. 
      21. Products and services that violate and local and/or international law 
      22. Hate speech; including but not limited to, speech that is harmful to others or that promotes transphobia, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, fascism and racism. 
      23. Any product or service that violates the rights of others or is marketed or sold in such a way as to create liability for the Hobby and Handmade Store. 
      24. Failure to comply with the above will result in the seller’s account being permanently closed. In the event an account is closed the subscription fees are none refundable. 

    Social Media

      1. Seller social media page introductions and/or bios are to mention that the seller’s products are fulfilled and/or sold by Hobby and Handmade Store and include a link to the seller’s profile on the Hobby and Handmade website. 


      1. For premium sellers we provide the opportunity and facilitate sales to our trade buyers (garden centres, farm shops, museums, places of interest, cathedral shops, department stores and general gift and card shops. If you wish for us to promote your brand to our trade buyers you will need to supply us with trade prices. All sales gained from this trade agreement will be a charged a 15% trade agency fee. 


      1. As a premium seller we provide you with a 20% discount off our normal trade prices for anything you would like us to print on your behalf which will increase your product offering. All prices are bespoke depending on the quantity and print positioning. For embroidery a standard 25GBP set up charge is required for each design or logo, this is a one-off fee. There is no charge from our company to yours, as our seller we waive all print set up fees. 


      1. As a premium seller you are entitled to a page every quarter in our trade and mail order online brochures. We will supply the insertion date deadlines to you in good time. All artwork supplied for the brochure needs to be 300DPI (High Resolution). 

    Security and Data Privacy

    1. By creating your seller portal you are requesting that your product appear on Hobby and Handmade Store. You are therefore giving your consent for your products to be potentially viewed by all persons with internet access worldwide and for your data to be viewed in this way. 
    2. Sellers are required to share the following documents prior to upload of their products in the seller portal; Copy of driving licence/passport, a recent utility bill associated with the business address, bank details associated with the business and telephone and email address for the main account holder. All personal information that is collected will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy  
    3. When registering with Hobby and Handmade Store you are agreeing to be accurate, truthful and complete about all the information which you have supplied.  


      1. Hobby and Handmade Store reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. It is your responsibility to read these Terms and Conditions and keep yourself updated with any changes made. 
      2. All of these Terms and Conditions are governed and construed by English Law. English Law will apply in all cases which means that the agreement you hold with us will also be governed by English Law.