About Us

Since the start of the pandemic our retail store was closed like many others, we were unable to attend shows, country fairs or markets to showcase our products.

Staying at home was proving difficult for me, as I am autistic and found the lockdowns really horrible.  Plus my income had suddenly like many others STOPPED!  So I sat back and thought how do I connect the craftmakers, artisan businesses and producers  to buyers, who cannot attend the shows, in the same vein that the seller can’t either.

Which is where Hobby and Handmade was born, out of a terrible situation that was killing the retail markets in the UK, but as crafters, manufacturers and UK businesses we still needed to continue to connect to buyers and continue to sell our wares!

We already own a succesful manufacturing company, we already print on demand, we already print greetings card, prints, clothing and gifts.  So we could offer two bits of a cherry here.

1) Provide hobby and handmade crafters the opportunity to showcase their work to our existing 75,000 customers that have bought from us over the last 5 years.

2) Remain to be a design, print and fulfilment company as some crafters might just want their products online but cannot manage the distribution.  Well we can do that for you.  And we can help you develop your product range. 

With 35 years experience in the gift industry and a good strong all "Female Team" which is made up of friends and family members of assorted ages.   Our oldest member is our mum Anne who is 82 years old and she stills comes in when she can and volunteers to pack cards etc... We had the experience and knowledge to make this work and support those who are struggling.  

Our subscription charges are low, our sellers fees are low and our trade prices are low if you want to use our print services on top of using our e-commerce platform to sell your products. 

We are lucky enough to have followers, supporters and businesses that ask us to  design, develop and manufacturer all sorts of clothing, gifts and home decor ranges.  We are happy to take on new projects, offer a daily drop-shipping service and packing service.    

If you need anything just drop us a line... Become a Seller today and start to earn yourself some money, after all we all need it and more so a boost of confidence and the power to find different ways, new ways of selling... at a 2 metres distance and at arms length.  What better way than on-line, the new way to SHOP!