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If you are looking for the perfect Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Valentines or Christmas Gift, or a little treat for yourself, then you will find the perfect gift right here! We are supporting small UK businesses to showcase their talents. We have proved that out of the ashes of disaster, grow the “roses of success“ Covid has not beaten us.

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Ceramic Gifts

Angel Cottage Candles

Jane Stanley Staffordshire Photographer Collection

Hannah Jane Designs

Tammy Walters Pet & Pony Illustrations

Industrial Furniture

Cast Iron Bottle Openers

Why choose Hobby and Handmade Store

This Hobby and Handmade store was launched to provide to you with a true "market style" experience that you would feel if you were able to visit a craft markets or country show. However, due to the pandemic these remain cancelled. Hobby and Handmade is showcasing our Great British makers, crafters, artisan gift manufacturers and producers using our establised website where we have already sold to thousands of people. On this site, which is growing daily we are providing you with unique, interesting and quirky handmade clothing, gifts, produce and gifts as we showcase the UK’s best small businesses.

Join the thousands of people who have already bought from us. Last year we sold over 22,000 T-shirts from this site and we have grown our mail order customer base, which will continue to grow as we fill up our site with some of the UK’s best growers, producers, makers and retailers. Hobby and Handmade store is owned by Top Banana Group UK Ltd, experts in the field of print on demand garment, signage and paper printing.

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